How to Stop Getting Ads on Facebook


Facebook is a popular social media platform that connects people from all over the world. However, one downside of using Facebook is the presence of ads that can sometimes be intrusive and disruptive to the user experience. If you are tired of seeing ads on your Facebook feed and want to learn how to stop getting them, this article will provide you with some effective strategies.

How to Effectively Stop Receiving Facebook Ads

1. Adjust Your Facebook Ad Preferences

Facebook allows users to customize their ad preferences based on their interests and online behavior. By adjusting these preferences, you can have more control over the types of ads you see on your feed. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Facebook and go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select “Ads” from the left-hand side menu.
  3. Under the “Ad Preferences” section, click on “Ad Settings”.
  4. Here, you can edit your preferences by selecting or deselecting specific categories or interests.
  5. Click “Save” to apply the changes.

By updating your ad preferences, you can ensure that the ads you see are more relevant to your interests and preferences.

2. Hide Ads from Specific Advertisers

If you come across an ad from a particular advertiser that you find annoying or irrelevant, you have the option to hide ads from that specific advertiser. This will help Facebook understand your preferences better and show you more relevant ads in the future. Follow these steps to hide ads from specific advertisers:

  1. Click on the three dots (…) in the top right corner of the ad you want to hide.
  2. Select “Hide ad” from the dropdown menu.
  3. You can also choose to hide all ads from that advertiser by selecting “Hide all ads from [advertiser’s name]”.

By hiding ads from specific advertisers, you can improve your overall ad experience on Facebook.

3. Install an Ad Blocker Extension

If you want to take a more proactive approach in stopping Facebook ads, you can install an ad blocker extension on your web browser. Ad blockers are software programs that prevent ads from being displayed on websites, including Facebook. Here’s how you can install an ad blocker extension:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the extension store (e.g., Chrome Web Store for Google Chrome).
  2. Search for an ad blocker extension (e.g., “AdBlock Plus” or “uBlock Origin”).
  3. Click on the extension you want to install and select “Add to [browser name]”.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Once the ad blocker extension is installed, it will automatically block ads on Facebook and other websites, providing you with an ad-free browsing experience.

4. Opt Out of Targeted Advertising

Facebook uses your browsing history and activity to show you targeted ads. If you want to opt out of this type of advertising, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu on Facebook.
  2. Select “Ads” from the left-hand side menu.
  3. Under the “Ad Settings” section, click on “Ad Preferences”.
  4. Scroll down and click on “Your Information”.
  5. Here, you can choose to disable ads based on your activity on Facebook and partners’ websites.
  6. Click “Save” to apply the changes.

By opting out of targeted advertising, you can limit the amount of personalized ads you see on Facebook.


While Facebook ads are an integral part of the platform’s revenue model, it is understandable that some users may find them intrusive or irrelevant. By adjusting your ad preferences, hiding ads from specific advertisers, installing an ad blocker extension, and opting out of targeted advertising, you can significantly reduce the number of ads you see on Facebook. Experiment with these strategies to find the combination that works best for you and enjoy a more personalized and ad-free Facebook experience.